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Breaking up is hard. Moving out or asking someone to move out sucks. Finding a new place sucks. Hiring movers, canceling rents/leases, dealing with common friends, it all sucks during a breakup!


It doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is a little bit of thinking and some planning to avoid a messy breakup. 


We want you to get out of the relationship you don’t want to be in and we want to help you do it in a peaceful and organized way. We also want you to save money, stay safe and move on with your life in the best way possible.


Breakup Consulting

A first step consultation and assessment of your relationship is provided free of charge!

Personalized Breakup Assistance

Plan development is guided by a Breakup Planner. These individuals specialize in gathering information, understanding the individual complexities of your situation, and developing and reviewing with you a personalized breakup plan.

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Fernando “Dino” Russo has been an entrepreneur since he was 19 years old. His passion to help others involved him with multiple volunteering opportunities both in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. and the city he now calls home, Chicago. Fernando started the company looking to help others plan and go through break-up situations making a priority of personal safety, and emotional stability. He also believes that the financial mischief that comes with such situation can be mitigated by the help of professional planners. At SmrtBrkp™ Fernando runs day to days operations and oversees each and every case to make sure that the best service is provided to the client. Fernando holds and MBA (Quinlan School of Business) and a Masters in Finance (Mendoza College of business).

Karina J. Powell, M.S.

Karina J. Powell, M.S. is currently pursuing a PhD in clinical and rehabilitation psychology, with a focus in neuropsychology, from the Illinois institute of Technology. With extensive experience in clinical interviewing, research, assessment, measure development and integrated report creation she works with clients to understand the uniqueness of their situation and produce an individualized, achievable plan for breaking up safely and effectively. Breaking up can be complicated and emotional and Karina believes that an empathic, compassionate group of professionals can ease the struggle and subsequent complications of an inherently difficult process.

Kristopher Greene

Kristopher Greene is our CTO & digital marketing manager. A seasoned SEO analyst with practical experience in all phases of business development including search engine marketing and online media execution. Everyday he finds new ways to get our company out there in a cost efficient way. He also oversees our technical solution in regards of our plan creation and situation assessment process. He is our webmaster and our designated corny joke teller.

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Let us minimize the chaos of your breakup!

We’d love to handle the planning, details, and even the phone call for you.

We’re Friendly
We’re Honest
We're Detail-Oriented
We're Efficient
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Affordable Pricing + Phenomenal Results

$ 99

Initial Consulting Call Situational Assessment Customized Breakup Plan

$ 199

Initial Consulting Call 1hr Meeting with an Expert Situational Assessment Customized Breakup Plan Procrurement Services Breakup Phone Call

$ 399
URGENT PREMIUM All services provided in 1-3 days

Initial Consulting Call 1hr Meeting with an Expert Situational Assessment Customized Breakup Plan Procrurement Services Breakup Phone Call

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Initial Consultation

SmrtBrkp has been helping people move on since 2007!

Customized Plan of Action

A customized plan of action to minimize the chaos of your breakup.

Breakup Support

We're here to help during your breakup if you have further questions - We'll even make the breakup call for you!

Provide Procurement Services

We'll connect you with movers, storage units or temporary housing!